Our tag line is “We deliver Your Message” . . . and we mean just that.

Over the last 20 years, and hundreds of projects, we have produced:

Throughout our www site, you’ll find many examples of different types of work.  We’ve also included short descriptions for each, so you’ll know the context in which they were created.

Our experience helps you . . .  

Because virtually all of our projects have helped someone sell a product or service, we have becomes very experienced about how to best deliver your message.  

“Most of our creations have been very affordable.   We realize that everyone has a different budget and that you’re in business to make money.”

So whether you need a full production from concept through delivery . . . or just some photography for your www site or brochures . . . we can help.


We welcome joint projects with advertising agencies, web developers, or marketing professionals.

  1. DVDs

  2. audio

• videos

  1. www videos

  2. infomercials

  3. documentaries

Our client categories include,

but are not limited to:

•TV commercials

• interactive discs

• trade show loops

• corporate presentations

  1. virtual reality presentations

  2. PowerPoint ‘style’ presentations

  1. Golf

  2. Food

  3. Legal

  4. Liquor

  5. Health

  6. Medical

  7. Training

  8. Hospitals

  9. Charities

  10. Insurance

• Education

  1. Real Estate

  2. Advertising

  3. Automotive

  4. Restaurants

  5. Construction

  6. Home building

  7. Entertainment

  8. Funeral Homes

• Energy Companies

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BTW, a 40” flat panel is large enough to ‘sell at a distance’, but still small enough to fit in the back seat of your car when you travel.  And they ONLY weighs around 30 lbs!

Lastly, that same large 40” flat panel display can be bought NEW for UNDER $300!!

In a showroom or waiting area, a large ‘flat panel’ presentation tells your visitors what is special about your business.

If you participate in trade shows, this type of presentation also helps to sell at a distance, and captures the attention of potential customers.

And all WITHOUT the need for a dedicated salesperson.