We produced this ‘DIGITAL Book Fair’ spot a few years back. This is an example of the ‘power’ of a professional voice-over talent.

It doesn't matter what you're selling or who you're selling it to . . .

Your message needs to be portable and nowadays, that means 'audible'.

People are always on the move.

Ideal Uses of Audio include:

• Training

• Editorials

• Newsletters

• Company policies

• Informative articles

• Product introductions

  1. Technical or detailed presentations

Take this test:

Have someone who isn't a ‘radio announcer’ read your literature to you.

Does that sound compelling?  Are you impressed?  Would you buy that product? 

Well . . . when your prospect reads your literature . . . whose voice do they hear?

Think about it:

Many people will 're-listen', but they WON’T ‘re-read'.  And if your product or service is a little 'complicated', then audio is the perfect messenger.

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When people read they retain VERY little and they don't 'pause' occasionally, to let it 'soak' in.  Also, when people read, they're hearing, 'their' voice.

If they're not enthusiastic, then your message isn't.

Whether it be running, biking, driving,  shopping, exercising, or even mowing the lawn.

Reading requires a certain amount of 'work' . .  listening doesn't. People won't take the time to sit down and read, but they will 'listen'.

Every ‘portable’ device you buy supports audio . . . your phone, your PDA, your iPod, your iPad.  Look at the incredible market for 'talking books'.  That's because people can 'listen' WHILE they do something else.  That is the true power of audio.

It’s YOUR message . . .

When they 'hear' your message, they should hear the 'right' voice, the 'right' background music, and the 'right' 'inflection' . . . in other words, your message should sound impressive!

Below are a few excerpts from various audio projects we’ve produced.  Please note . . . sometimes the voice talent is professional, and at other times, it’s the client who is speaking.

But no matter what the circumstances, we strive to make them sound as professional as possible.

(To hear, click each disc and a player will open in a separate window.)

This is the audio from our ‘Racing for Corey’ TV commercial.  We included it to demonstrate how sound effects really can make the commercial more engaging.

Professional sales trainer Joe Thomas tells his ‘Shortbread Cookie’ story to a live audience.

(professional sales trainer)

The first ‘Listen and Learn’ training audio with David titled ‘Welcome and Be Real’.

(Marketing Dir. of the company)

Rand Parker announces his transition to a new company.  He sent this audio attached to an e-mail for a more personalized notification.

(Rand Parker)

We produced this Local bank commercial with a higher energy level to stand out.

(professional voice-over)

This ‘Chatham Park Development’ audio allowed the web site viewer could ‘listen’ to the page describing the development.

(professional voice over)

This excerpt is from an audio book about ‘Dealing with Grief’.

(read by the owner who also presents seminars)

Documentary producer Ruth Durbin tells why ‘The Price of Gas‘ really rises.

(Ruth Durbin - the author)

This Distributor Solicitation was created so their prospect can listen on their iPod or phone while they travel.

(professional voice over)

A corporate training presentation titled ‘Listen and Learn’ with David & Bryan talking about Internet Marketing.

(Marketing Dir. and associate)

A corporate training presentation titled ‘Listen and Learn’ with David & Bryan talking about Marketing with Facebook.

(Marketing Dir. and associate)

Most of the time, they don't know your product, and therefore, they don't know to 'emphasize' what sets you apart from your competition.