What sets a DVD apart from the www, TV, and radio is that it’s something you can TOUCH.   It has an immediate sense of value.   When you give someone a DVD you’re not dependent upon them remembering your www site name . . . or hoping they just happen to see your TV commercial . . . or hear your radio spot.

Once they have your disc in their possession, all they have to do and sit back and watch.

We’ve created many more discs than these!

• Single layer DVDs are limited to @ 110 minutes of video

• Dual Layer DVDs have nearly twice that.

• All DVDs ONLY contain ‘standard definition’ video

• For HD, you need to master HD content onto a ‘BluRay’ disc

  and have a special player

• Interactive DVDs can ONLY play on a computer

• Interactive DVDs can contain hundreds of minutes of video

• Interactive DVDs can contain any ‘size’ videos, including HD

• Video DVDs can also contain an ‘interactive’ presentation

‘Interactive’ data DVDs

Video DVDs

Some of our video DVDs and ‘interactive’ DVDs were for:

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We welcome joint projects with advertising agencies, web developers, or marketing professionals.

You know when someone is watching your DVD they’re more likely sitting in a comfortable chair at home and listening to your message through high quality speakers.

They are also more likely to watch your presentation a second time  . . . You can’t do that with a TV or radio commercial!

And many times, your DVD will be passed on to another person to watch. Assuming, of course, you have created an entertaining, informative, and valuable presentation.

  1. We created a couple of discs for a prominent Home Builder who gave it to prospects who visited one of his model homes.   The disc contained tours of his other developments. Now, when they returned home, they had an opportunity to see the developments they had NOT taken the time to visit.

  1. Our state Department of Education. Those interactive CDs and DVDs were distributed to all the English/Literature teachers in our state.

  1. Actors and musicians to leave after an audition.

  1. Companies looking to stand out from the competition

  1. Large companies for their marketing, training, policies, and procedures

  1. Product demonstrations & introductions

  1. Face to face presentations where, at the end of the presentation, you eject the disc and give it to your prospect.   Not only will you have left a powerful tool, but in the process, you will have shown him how to use your disc.

• Trade show handouts