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Please Note: These are VERY LOW RESOLUTION sample images. The ‘originals’ are much CLEARER and more VIVID.

This photo shoot required us to go to the dance studio, set up a backdrop and all the lighting necessary for group and individual shots, and do it as quickly as possible. If you could see the rest of the room, it was black floor and walls with large mirrors.

They were preparing for a competition and needed group photos.  The parents, understandably, wanted individual photos using their favorite poses.

Once again, photography is all about light . . . and shadows.  Without shadows, you don’t have depth or shape.

And when dealing with ‘faces’ and ‘hair’, you really do need the proper positioning and balance of soft-to-hard light to get the best results.

Lighting the individuals was pretty basic, other than you had to occasionally reposition some lights to compensate for their different heights.

Lighting the group shots took a little more time as you had to deal with the shadows being cast from one dancer onto the person next to them.

Finally, I suggested to them that I print these out multiple photos of each dancer on a single large sheets (12x18 inches) which allowed me to cut their cost considerably.  The minor drawback was that each parent would then to manually cut out the various photos on that sheet.


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