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Please Note: These are VERY LOW RESOLUTION sample images. The ‘originals’ are much CLEARER and more VIVID.

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For the 1ViZN company, we first reshot their packaging.  The photos they had on their web site looked like they were taken with a ‘cell phone’ (REALLY!)

To get professional results, we did it much the same way any other commercial photographer would, we put the items in a white translucent ‘box’, lit it from the outsides, positioned a couple of reflectors, adjusted the camera and hit the shutter button.  We shot a variety of compositions so they would have flexibility with their future advertising.

Originally, their ‘PowrBlend’ packets were just plain white.

We created a  new ‘proof of concept’ label with the three major ingredients show on the label, along with a basic ‘banner’ style logo.

We then printed out ‘test’ labels and glued them to a few packets and positioned them in a variety of ways and took photos of each of those groupings.

We also showed them how they now had the flexibility to combine those photos into custom compositions!

And finally . . .

  1. 1)We created for them some simple modifications to their existing box which would reflect its contents.

  2. 2)We redesigned their business card to differentiate between management and dealers, and

  3. 3)Created a ‘Sample Pack’ which would enable them distribute samples to their prospects.