This was the first time we had shot a lot of ‘skin’.

The ‘problem’ with skin is that it is VERY reflective.  It’s very easy to over-expose the highlights.

Also, in order to get the perception of ‘shape’ you have to use a variety of lights to bring that out.

We shot MANY compositions, both wide and selected close-ups, giving the client the ability to use the models in a variety of settings.

We then used selected photos to create ‘proof of concept’ versions of a billboard, posters, and product literature.

Please Note: These are VERY LOW RESOLUTION sample images. The ‘originals’ are much CLEARER and more VIVID.

35  of  50

When we created their product’s ‘Sample Pack’, we designed it to be folded near the middle.  Then there was an additional small fold to ‘close’ the pack.

Inside was placed the representative’s business card, and small baggie containing three sample capsules.

A staple on the outside kept the pack closed and held the business card and baggie inside.

Eye-catching, simple, and easy to update.

Below is the artwork for both sides of the ‘Sample Pack’.

We also created this 5x7 ‘Point of Sale’ card.  It was placed in a plastic frame and displayed at various retail outlets.  It promotes the product and invites the viewer to try out a ‘Sample Pack’.

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