Louisville is the home of a few large companies that have a national presence.  One of them is Humana, a large health insurance company.

Their headquarters, was designed by internationally famous architect, Michael Graves, and was completed in 1985.

We were hired to shoot an ‘isolated’ photograph of the 26 story building.  It was needed for a trade show display.  It had to be ‘exceptional’, ‘accurate’, and ‘very detailed’.  We decided upon an evening shot to add a special ‘look’ to the photo.

The best angle of light was @ 8 PM that evening.  However, the sky had become very overcast.  That was good for getting a nice ‘flat’ look for the building, however it detracted from the final image, so we ended up ‘faking’ the sky and a few stars.

The final photo was an ultra high resolution image nearly 9000 pixels high WITHOUT computer enlargement! An image of this quality and size will hold up very well to ‘up close viewing’ even when enlarged to about 6 feet high!

These two small excerpts can’t begin to show the clarity and  crisp detail of the final image.

Please Note: These are VERY LOW RESOLUTION sample images. The ‘originals’ are much CLEARER and more VIVID.

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