Over the years . . .

We’ve worked with many  businesses and their owners.  And every one of them had the same objective . . . to increase their business!

However, having an ‘objective’ is not enough . . . You must first have a PLAN.

Many times we’ve been asked “Where do we start?” 

Well, you don’t start with a video, website, or TV commercial.  You start FIRST with a plan!




It kinda goes like this . . .

  1. 1)You’ve got something to sell. 

  2. 2)You know what is ‘special’ about your products or business. 

  3. 3)You know of people who might be interested. 

  4. 4)You think you know how to reach them.  And . . .

  5. 5)You’ve got a BUDGET.

We then meet with you and share our experiences.  We don’t care if your budget is $500 or $5000.  Our objective to to tell you what we can do within the limits of your budget.

We have probably talked as many people OUT OF a bad idea . . . as we have ‘pitched’ a great idea.

Virtually every successful project was the result of many stages of refinement.

Thoughts to consider . . .

Because of the internet, smart phones, tablets, ‘short-run’ digital printers, affordable DVD replicators, cheap flat screen TVs . . . it’s truly amazing the kind of options you have nowadays to spread your message.

Marketing is no longer a ‘mailer’, (or equally ineffective) ‘blast e-mail’.  The world has moved to audio, video, and the internet.  And it needs to be mobile as well.

Even when you attend a trade show, your prospects expect you to have a multimedia and internet presentation.

Hopefully, this is NOT you?

When you have time . . .

E-mail us, or give us a call when you have time. It costs nothing to talk.

Once you have a basic ‘plan’, then you ask yourself:

Does our prospect use a smartphone or an iPad? 

Do they ‘surf’ the www with it?

Will they watch or listen to something on it?

Will our prospect take the time to watch a presentation if we were to create one?  And will that help lead to a sale?

Do we need commercial quality photography to show how good we are at what we do?

Sometimes it’s absolutely necessary, and at other times, it’s not.

Should our website sell ‘unattended’ BEFORE we contact our prospect . . . or ‘validate’ us AFTER we contacted our prospect in some other way?

If BEFORE, then how does our prospect discover us?


Do we want our prospect to take a copy of our presentation and watch it in the comfort of their home . . . or does our presentation require the interaction of a salesperson?

Do we have to convey a LOT of information

to our prospect in order

to impress them

with our knowledge

or capabilities? 

Is our presentation more involved, and therefore would benefit (get more sales) if we used video, audio, and text to tell our story?

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A large ‘flat panel’ presentation in a showroom or waiting area, tells your visitors what is special about your business.

If you participate in trade shows, this type of presentation also helps to sell at a distance, and captures the attention of potential customers.

And all WITHOUT the need for a dedicated salesperson!


BTW, a 40” flat panel is large enough tosell at a distance, but still small enough to fit in the back seat of your car when you travel.  And it ONLY weighs around 30 lbs!

Lastly that same large 40” flat panel display can be bought NEW for UNDER $300!!

Could a large eye-catching poster attract additional prospects?

If so, should

we create a convenient

audio presentation that they

could listen to while driving or doing other things?