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You’ll also notice, that all the ‘elements’ movements coincide with the ‘beat’ of the music. (Logos, graphics, titles, video cuts, etc.)

In the source video of the car, it just looked like a slow paced, ‘Sunday drive’ in the high desert.  However, we made the car look like it was moving faster by changing its speed, adding ‘camera’ shakes and zooms with computer software.

In addition to the music, Many different subtle background sound effects were also added for ‘depth’.

We wrote the script for this 30 second commercial inviting people to attend a charity event for terminally ill children.

They didn’t have a large budget so we used ‘stock’ video of the Ferrari.  Their smaller budget also meant it would only run a limited number of times on TV.  Therefore, the spot had to be very eye-catching in order to be effective.

Throughout the spot, we repeatedly animated the contact information across the bottom of the screen hoping the viewer would notice it more often.

Click here to play a LARGER and HIGHER QUALITY version of this video in a SEPARATE WINDOW.Media_Innovators_Video_Example_1_files/Racing%20for%20Corey.mp4

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