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As the people stood in line awaiting to enter the home, and as they toured the home, multiple large flat panel televisions played the three videos in succession.

So as the visitor went from the outside and through the inside, the could continue watching the video.

“Non-stop selling”.

All information was conveyed with pictures, text, and sound.  So even in a noisy setting, their message would still came through.

This client was one of the largest private homebuilders in our state, building 150-200 homes per year.

We created three videos for them that were used at the largest annual “Home & Garden Show” in our state.  The show is always held in the dead of winter at the largest indoor convention center in our state as well.

The client had built a COMPLETE TWO STORY FURNISHED HOME ‘inside’ the convention center.  Many thousands of people toured the home for the FOUR DAYS of the show.

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