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Just because we found a photo of a car, motorcycle, or truck, DOES NOT MEAN it was the correct color, the correct resolution, or was the correct view.

Then we also had to search and edit short segments of audio that would work ‘exactly’ with the length of time for that particular narration segment.  The music changes many times to hold the viewer’s interest.

As in most projects, it’s the time you spend preparing, which will quickly add up.

Our reason for including this video is because virtually every line of text in it is INDIVIDUALLY animated! In this 7+ minute presentation, including the photos and the backgrounds, there are over 1000 separate animated objects!

Because the subject matter would normally be considered VERY BORING, we had to compensate by keeping it very ‘visually interesting’.

Because the client only supplied us with the logo, script, and just a few graphics, we spent long hours searching for and preparing everything else.

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