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Please note that all objects either 1) start to move, or 2) stop moving, with the beat of the music.  The transitions between locations also happen to the beat of the music.

Any video needs to have an audible ‘rhythm’ and a visual ‘rhythm’.  If you synchronize those two, you have something that’s much more interesting.

We also kept re-displaying the contact information across the bottom of the screen to keep it ‘fresh’ in the viewer’s mind.

This video is an example of how many different ‘locations’ can add interest and expand the client’s message.

Many times you just have more to say, than the time allocated for the spot will allow.  If you show the product used in a variety of ways, you don’t have to mention all of those ways in the ‘script’.

You’ll notice that the locations are 1) office, 2) living room, 3) den, 4) outdoors, and 5) studio (where we shot the client against a ‘blue screen’).  And many times, we show these locations simultaneously on the screen.

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