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After the video finished, they were escorted from the conference room and their tour began.

After their tour, they were taken to a large area where a carefully planned and catered dinner had been prepared.

BTW, ‘The Color Place’ is the ‘place’ to go when you need ULTRA HIGH QUALITY graphics reproduced. 

Whether it be for a national restaurant chains, amusement parks, or a local artist needing archival quality prints for resale.  Their reputation is nation-wide.  Here’s our link to a few promotional photos we shot of their facility.

The ‘Color Place’ was having an open house at their new ‘state-of-the-art’ facility.  This evening affair was an ‘invitation only’ event for their ‘A list’ clients and new prospects as well. No expense was spared to create this very special evening.

As the clients arrived, they were greeted by selected employees and management. Then, in small groups, they were escorted to a conference room, where they were first shown this short, 90 second presentation.

This purpose of the video was to remind the viewer of the caliber of work they do, ’name drop’ some of their larger clients, and to list the complete ‘breadth’ of their services.

Click here to play a LARGER and HIGHER QUALITY version of this video in a SEPARATE WINDOW.Media_Innovators_Video_Example_2_files/Color%20Place%20Examples%20%26%20Services.mp4

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