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This nine minute long video was one of three that we produced for a hotel furniture manufacturer.

The problem was, that we originally intended on shooting the interviews at the plant in their office.  But when we got there it was apparent that the noise of the woodworking machinery would make it IMPOSSIBLE to shoot there.

We ended up renting another small room, adjacent to ours, at the small motel where we were staying.  Of course, we assured motel management that nothing ‘strange’ was going on (multiple men with video cameras and lights in a motel room could raise eyebrows).

Now, we had no other choice but to shoot the people against a ‘green screen’.  We spent all day both shooting interviews at the motel and simultaneously shooting the production process back at the plant.

We set up our equipment so we could shoot the people against a ‘green screen’ background.  That way, we could change the backgrounds behind the people during the edit.

Our editor did an extraordinary job of sifting through all the interviews (nearly an hour was shot for each person) to find just the right words that effectively told their story.

Video not yet uploaded.

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