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Ah, the classic ‘white background’ shot.

This video is from a series we did for various clients where they either endorse someone else’s products and services, or they thank a ‘visitor’ for coming to their www site.

This man had poor eyesight, so his cue cards were ONLY about two feet away! (We ‘covered’ them up with ‘white’ in the computer . . . that’s why you don’t see them.)

It actually is much more difficult to light than you would think.  In this example, there are:

large soft lights on either side of the talent at eye level to ‘soften up’ his look,

2) an elevated, upper left ‘key’ light in front of the talent to add a few shadows so it won’t look ‘flat’, and

multiple BRIGHT lights behind the talent to ‘overexpose’ the white background.

We pre-interviewed him so we could write a script using his ‘own words’.  We then put those words on large cue cards, shot with multiple cameras, edited ‘with the music’ and ended up with a very nice, short video.

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