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We included this excerpt because we used a shooting ‘style’ that looked and sounded like ‘film’.

We were hired to shoot at three locations, and later edit, three short POC (proof of concept) videos for the producer to use to raise additional monies for a final production.

You’ll notice 1) how saturated, yet natural, the colors are 2) the subtle camera movements, 3) camera locations, 4) music selection, and 5) the ‘warmth’ of the voices.

However, please note, we had nothing to do with costumes, actors, location, time of day, etc.  We were ONLY hired to shoot/edit them, and had NO prior notice of anything until we arrived at the site of the shoot.

This is what we call ‘pop quiz’ production!

Because of this location, ALL the horse shots were over a short (@200 foot) section of the gravel road.

And this particular segment was shot in about 1.5 hours.

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