Elevated, and from behind, an additional spot was directed at her hair and shoulders.

Then a couple of spots were placed high, and in front of her, to give it that ‘stage lighting’ look.

To ‘further’ the ‘live performance’ illusion, the camera was placed low to the floor and at a distance.  Then she was given ‘objects’ to look at when she spoke, which helped keep her head pointed slightly downward (as it would be if she really were on stage).

Lastly, add a little music, crowd noise, and an animated introduction . . . and you got a pretty convincing ‘live’ presentation.

This time, our client wanted to show her prospects what it would be like to attend one of her live seminars.

(BTW, this presentation was shot in exactly the same place as “example video #43” . . . her office.)

First, we took down the other background and set up a 20 foot wide, heavy black curtain. Then, added the small wooden table with flowers and the ‘mandatory’ pitcher and glass of water for a little ‘character’.

Large soft lights in front, and on both sides, added a ‘glow’ to her skin and eliminated any heavy shadows.

Small spot lights, on the top of tall stands, were separately focused on the table, vase, and water pitcher.

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