2) waiting for a 'window of opportunity' of a few minutes when we could quickly move in, set up, and shoot . . . and

3) getting good sound without the 'ambient' noise bleeding through. Some of these locations were right next roads or groups of talking people.

In post production, we 'over-saturated' the color and modified the 'gamma' to get that richer-than-life look. We also slightly shifted the 'white balance' to eliminate that outdoor 'blue-ish' tint and 'warm' it up a bit.

All camera 'movements' were animated in the computer. And yes, we also created that five second intro animation.

Links to the finished 'shorts' were e-mailed out at various times to the reps to re-enforce the company 'ethos'.

45  of  50

This is one of many inspirational 'shorts' we produced for a sales organization.  It is based on an analogy to Baseball.

The object was to show the Director of Sales & Marketing in a variety of settings that their viewer could relate to.

The underlying message of the series was how dedication, hard work, mental focus, overcoming obstacles, etc, would lead to financial and personal benefits.

Over a period of two beautiful days, we traveled around town searching for and shooting at locations we could use as a basis to tell his 'story'. Our three biggest problems were:

1) coordinating the time of the shoot at that particular location and the direction of the sunlight such that we could get the background we wanted with the right 'look',

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We shot at many locations over those two days!

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