We usually operated with a small crew of three to five people, but on a few occasions, considerably more.

Every location was 'scouted' to plan for sound, lighting, and blocking requirements.

The music is an original score composed, performed and produced by David Silberman of Louisville, Kentucky.

BTW, a photo of David can be found here.

Below are just a few ‘frame grabs’ from setups at various locations.

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This is a very quick ‘down and dirty’ ROUGH EDIT of a trailer for a documentary about a prominent scientist from the later 1800s.

Our client was attending a film festival and needed something FAST!  Which meant we had to cut a few corners.

We shot the original footage for this production in three states and at over 23 locations.

It was shot in 'film' style. All the 'stills' in the trailer are 'frame grabs' from the source footage.

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As in all ‘film style’ productions, we paid particular attention to lens selection, depth of field, framing, and blocking for movement.  When shooting outdoors, our lighting strategies included reflectors and diffusers while also timing our setups for the proper sun angle as well.  For our interior shots, we used multiple types of lights, gobos, flags, and reflectors.

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