All in all, it turned out very nice and they were very satisfied.

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For this project, we needed the client to appear and sound as though they were giving a 'keynote' address at some sort of 'convention'.

In reality, it was shot in a large, empty, unfinished space in an office building with one camera 'locked down' on a tripod, placed at floor level a considerable distance away. Lens selection was critical in order to get that 'optical' compression we were looking for.

In order to keep the talent's 'eyeline' proper for one talking from an elevated stage, we projected his 'cue cards' on to a large screen at floor level near the camera. This kept him always looking slightly down and towards the camera. Much as he would in an actual presentation. This also allowed him to refer to his 'notes' even when his head was turned slightly.

The type of lighting fixtures and their locations were essential to get that 'on stage' look. The strong highlights on his head and shoulders (though not excessive) balanced out with 'flat/soft' lighting from the front adds to the effect.

A lot of time was spent getting his voice to have that 'bigger than life' sound with rich undertones . . . and with a faint reverberation that would be present at a large venue.

The 'spot' lighting, projection screens, auditorium sounds, multiple camera views, etc., were all 'faked' in the computer.

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When you see the 'whole' frame, you see the backdrop, light stands, light fixtures, shotgun mics, etc. that were all matted out in the final edit.