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Also, because it was a HOT summer evening combined with the heat from the lights, the performers had to take short cooling breaks between songs with the doors closed and the AC cranked up.

And those bright lights drew MANY flying insects into the house. (You can occasionally see them in the video.)

Audio was recorded with three microphones, but the reflections in the small room also posed some problems. (In real life, a barbershop quarter is MUCH LOUDER than you would think!)

Because the final product would be edited to 720p and we were shooing in 1080p, we used the computer to give us the different camera 'movements', 'pans', and 'zooms'.

But, as usual, we were able to work our way through most of the problems and get an 'acceptable' result . . . but we would have liked more control as opposed to being involved in a 'salvage' operation.

When we produced this audition video we encountered MANY unexpected obstacles.

Originally we were going to shoot five songs at a small outdoor amphitheater nearby, but because a couple of the singers were running late, we had to shoot it in a room in the small house where we were initially meeting. The room was only about 4 feet wider than the background!!

We now set up the dark gray paper backdrop and all the lights, however two of the member were in the mid six foot range and our ceiling was only 8 feet high which created a major lighting problem.

To get everyone in the shot and NOT reveal the small room we were in, we had to put a longer lens on the camera to change the 'relative' perspective of the talent against the background.

Because we only use 'prime' lenses we could not get back far enough to fit the group in the frame . . . unless we removed the side door from the house and then set a tall tripod in the adjacent garage and stand on a ladder to shoot the performance.

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