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Because the speaker was very animated, we decided to use his own ‘rhythms’, and the music, to tell us where to ‘cut’ the video.

If you could see some ‘behind the scenes’ photos you would see that we used six different lights to get the ‘look’ we wanted.  However, within about five minutes, the temperature was considerably warmer in that small study!

Because of our advance planning and the talent’s rehearsals, it only took two takes.

The client for this video wanted a ‘face to face’ with their audience.  They also wanted to take advantage of the ‘study’ room they had access to in a very expensive home. They felt, rightfully so, that it would also convey a sense of ‘stability’.

We searched our vast music library for a couple of hours testing various selections before finding just the right piece that was ‘powerful’ and ‘majestic’, but also had a definite ‘beat’ as well.

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