Just like with a video, a photo, or a promotion, a web site is but just ONE PIECE of the puzzle.

Sometimes a business uses outside salespeople to generate leads who are then referred to a web site for ‘validation’.  Does your web site prove you really are  . . . who you say you are?

Other times, the business has no ‘retail’ presence, and only resides on the internet.  That type of site has to work totally on its own with no outside help.

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But whatever you do, you need to have a real ‘Marketing Plan’ before you create (or redo) your web site.  You won’t get ANY VISITORS if you don’t have associated marketing.  A website by itself is essentially useless!

These are just a few reasons why a web site is a critical component in the success of your business and it needs to be well thought out AND UPDATED as the business climate changes.

Below are examples of very simple, small business ‘overview’ sites.  To keep costs down, we ONLY used text, photography, and video to tell their story. To date, none of our sites have been ‘dynamic’, used ‘Flash’ (our choice), nor been suitable for ‘on line’ sales/transactions.

We have linked to these sites whenever possible, however, some are no longer active,

some are in development, while others are not YET active.

We produced this site for First Impression.  They are one of but a very few ‘hand engraving’ printers in the United States.  They sell their services to clients around the world.
Click to go to their site . . .http://Media-Innovators.com/FirstImpressionFSE/First_Impression_-_Welcome.htmlhttp://firstimpressionfse.com/First_Impression_-_Welcome.htmlshapeimage_9_link_0
Kiss Your Age Goodbye is a personal fitness consulting business located in Beverly Hills, california.  This site is also in Spanish, has a blog, and downloadable newsletters.
Click to go to their site . . .http://www.kissyouragegoodbye.com/Landing_English.htmlhttp://www.kissyouragegoodbye.com/Landing_English.htmlshapeimage_12_link_0
MagMan Stu creates advertising specialties such as magnetic signs and posters, with a very unique look, therefore their site had to have that same ‘out-of-the-box’ feeling.
Click to go to their site . . .http://www.media-innovators.com/magmanstu/Magman_Stu_Welcome.htmlhttp://www.media-innovators.com/magmanstu/Magman_Stu_Welcome.htmlshapeimage_15_link_0
JL Gilbert is a manufacturer of cut-to-size wood products.  Their large production facility, skilled staff, and high capacity equipment enable them to fulfill orders both large and small. 
Click to go to their site . . .http://www.media-innovators.com/JLG/JL_Gilbert_Landing.htmlhttp://jlgilbert.com/JL_Gilbert_Landing.htmlshapeimage_18_link_0
We created this site as a proof of concept (POC) for a business organization. As of this writing, it is not ‘up’ however you can see pictures of their main pages.
Click to go www.macintouch.comto the POC site . . .Media_Innovators_Web_KREE_example_01.htmlMedia_Innovators_Web_KREE_example_01.htmlshapeimage_20_link_0
This site was a ‘proof of concept’.  It is not active yet, however you can still access through the Internet to see its very evolved interface.
Click to go to their site . . .http://www.media-innovators.com/boost/Boost_Home.htmlhttp://www.media-innovators.com/boost/Boost_Home.htmlshapeimage_22_link_0

.   .   .

This site is for a local construction company.  We’re still
in the process of creating this site.  The client has a very limited budget. Here it is in its current state.
Click to go to their site . . .http://www.media-innovators.com/Rayburn1/Rayburn1_Landing.htmlhttp://www.media-innovators.com/Rayburn1/Rayburn1_Landing.htmlshapeimage_24_link_0
For this site the client wanted us to take their old site and totally re-work it.  This ‘makeover’ is not active yet, however we can show you some screen shots of this current version.
Click to go to the POC of their site . . .Media_Innovators_Web_JMJ_example_01.htmlMedia_Innovators_Web_JMJ_example_01.htmlshapeimage_25_link_0

It has to tell your story in a simple and logical fashion, such that a total stranger would understand the advantage of dealing with you.

And in another example, the sales representative actively uses the website in the presentation process with their laptop or iPad.  This ensures that all sales reps are always using the most current and accurate presentation.

And of course we created our own site . . . Duh.
Click to open our site in a separate window . . .http://www.media-innovators.comhttp://www.media-innovators.comshapeimage_28_link_0
We created his site is for a ‘pallet rack’ company.  Pallet racks are those huge  shelving systems that you find in large warehouses.  They  could holding anything from furniture to auto parts.  They sell, install, service, and move those systems.
Click to go to their site . . . http://www.industrialinstallers.comhttp://www.industrialinstallers.com/shapeimage_29_link_0
This site is another ‘work in progress’.  This single page was to ‘define’ the general layout, typefaces, and color pallet, spacing, etc.  It is not active yet, however we can take you to its current proof of concept (POC) page.
Click to go to the POC of their site . . .http://www.media-innovators.com/Penworthy_Papers/Penworthy_Home.htmlhttp://www.media-innovators.com/Penworthy_Papers/Penworthy_Home.htmlshapeimage_31_link_0
Please note: there still are a few holes that need to be filled (photos and text), but the client was happy enough with it at its current state, and wanted it ‘live’.
Click to go to their site . . .http://www.kestlergroup.comhttp://www.kestlergroup.comshapeimage_33_link_0
Here’s a site we created for a group of local musicians.  We also shot all their photography and created all their promo posters!
Click to go to their site . . .http://www.LB-E.comhttp://www.lb-e.com/LBE-Landing/LBE_Landing.htmlshapeimage_35_link_0
This site was created for the developer of a system that displays restaurant menu items on the customer’s ‘smart’ phone.
Click to go to their site . . .http://www.QRnow.bizhttp://www.QRnow.bizshapeimage_36_link_0
This simple single page site was created for an organization who needed to sell a documentary DVD.
Click to go to their site . . .http://www.ColWars.comhttp://www.ColWars.comshapeimage_38_link_0
Here is another “Proof of Concept” site that we created.  It shows our approach to creating an ‘image’ oriented site for a real estate development.
Click to open this test site in a separate window . . .http://www.media-innovators.com/summitplace1http://www.media-innovators.com/summitplace1shapeimage_39_link_0
Even though this site is not ‘up’ yet, we were given permission to allow visitors to see the ‘prototype’ site.  Please note, the ‘interface’ is still there, but the actual ‘content’ is not.
Click to go to their site . . .http://www.media-innovators.com/GetFITcapsule/GetFIT_Landing.htmlhttp://www.media-innovators.com/GetFITcapsule/GetFIT_Landing.htmlshapeimage_40_link_0
Still Kickin is a popular eight piece brass rock band.  They specialize performing songs from the 60s, 70s, 80s, from groups such as Chicago and Blood, Sweat & Tears.
Click to go to their site . . .Media_Innovators_Web_STK_example_01.htmlMedia_Innovators_Web_STK_example_01.htmlshapeimage_41_link_0
In our community there is an organization using tactics to delay the building of a bridge across the river.  We created this site for an individual who wanted to spread a different message.
Click to go to their site . . .http://www.media-innovators.com/Its-Your-Fault/Its_Your_Fault_Home.htmlhttp://www.media-innovators.com/Its-Your-Fault/Its_Your_Fault_Home.htmlshapeimage_42_link_0