We shoot ‘Architectural Digest’ quality photography at a FAIR, livable price.

For over twenty years we have been providing audio, video, multimedia, and photographic services to businesses to help them sell their products and services.

We offer GREAT prices, high quality, and a fast turn-around.  And we have a proven track record of satisfied customers.

There are many prominent builders who have used our images on their websites and/or literature to set them apart from their competition.

Every home is unique . . .

Comparables from ‘similar’ homes nearby only tell part of the story.  What really builds value are the unique features of your listing which make it more valuable than the competition.

We suggest you check our ‘Home Show Gallery‘  There are over 100 gorgeous home photos in just that section alone!

To contact us, after entering our web site, select 'Contact Us' from the top menu bar.  Call or send us an e-mail . . . and we'll talk.

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Our objective is to make YOUR HOME look like it’s worth MUCH MORE than its asking price!

Are you a homeowner with that ‘special’ home, who is looking to get TOP DOLLAR.  But you’re told that doesn’t happen anymore.

Has your agent suggested you lower your price “because a house nearby sold for less”?  And you then said, “but that house is not nearly as nice as ours!”

Comparables from ‘similar’ homes only tell part of the story.  What really builds value are the unique features of your home which makes it more valuable than the others.

We all know that buyers are searching the Internet.  And they will easily discover 50 homes (or more) that are similar in size, location, and price to yours?

So how do you get a prospect to want to see your home first over the others?

We all know that ‘sight’ is our most ‘compelling’ sense.  If your home looks better than others at the same price, naturally that’s the one they’ll want to visit first.

And yes, ‘technically’ that is a ‘camera’ in your smart phone, but you shouldn’t use it!   And standing in the corner of each room and shooting a flash photo WON’T make that ‘full price’ listing look like a steal!

Why make a $500K house look like a $400K house?  You want it to look like a $600K house!

At Media Innovators, we shoot ‘drop-dead-gorgeous’ photos, using sophisticated techniques that will get you the maximum interest in your home.

We can even create an affordable, ‘custom’ web page with LARGE, gorgeous photos, and detailed descriptions dedicated to selling just your home!  (And even loan you an outdoor sign to go with it!)

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Show why your home is worth top dollar!

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We also have many years successful experience at:

Which publicity photo would you suggest they use, and why ?

Answer: DUH!    BTW, both are the same actress - Debra Messing





When we take a photo, it is accurate!  Nothing looks ‘artificial’.  You see the subtle details in the darker areas, and yet nothing is overexposed.

You can see outside the window just as clearly as you see the interior.

We use ‘motion picture’ techniques to get this exceptional quality.  And because we shoot at ULTRA HIGH RESOLUTION, our images look gorgeous!

“The FIRST order of business is to separate yourself from your competition!”

If you REALLY want impress your prospect, and get the ‘sale’,

contact us about your next photo session.

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