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Many more to come . . .

These are NOT the actors - Just temporary ‘placeholder’ photos

Click on any photo to watch and listen to samples from that person.

As a free service, we have created this directory of talented individuals. We are NOT a talent agency.

This section still under construction.

You will be best served by selecting someone with whom your ‘prospect’ can relate . . . height, weight, sex, race, and age are all valid considerations when you are ‘targeting’ your buyer.

The spokesperson for a woman’s weight loss clinic will not look the same as the one for a farm equipment supply companyOr a child endorsing his favorite day care facility or toy store.

These ‘auditions’ will make it much easier for you to find that perfect actor/spokesperson who can best help you sell your product or service . . . be it television, www video, radio, or www audio.

When you need to make a ‘truly professional’ presentation, no one does it better than a skilled actor or spokesperson.  They have spent years refining their craft. 

Their voices, mannerisms, timing, and body language add to the value of your product or service.

And many times, you just simply need someone who ‘looks the part’ . . . because you don’t.

And above all, don’t forget, most of the time, YOU ARE NOT YOUR OWN CUSTOMER!