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The original ‘historical’ footage was VERY faded and just ‘lifeless’. Those particular segments required considerable color correction and ‘masking’.

Lastly, many times we added titles to support what the ‘on screen’ talent is saying.

All in all, we made over fifty significant changes to the original ‘lifeless’ video.

This is an example of where we took the client’s very ‘plain’ video and transformed it into something with much more ‘bite’.

It was originally shot with a mostly ‘stationary’ camera. Virtually all the ‘movement’ such as zooms, shakes, and bumps you now see was done in our computer. These effects were also edited with the ‘beat’ of the music.

We added all the animated titles, ‘feathered’ screen edges, ‘three-dimensional’ text movements, and made the colors much more ‘saturated’ as well.

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