Please Note: These are VERY LOW RESOLUTION sample images. The ‘originals’ are much CLEARER and more VIVID.

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It used to be you only had a professional photo taken for  family use.  Wall photos, the fireplace mantle, and the ‘classic’ Christmas card.

But nowadays, because of the internet, we all need ‘professional’ quality photographs to present us in the best light possible.  These ‘headshot’ photos will be used on your web site, your business cards, your social media, and often, even on signage.

Many times, we even see a small photo attached to the ‘signature’ line of an e-mail.

Professionally taken photographs are not only expensive, but very inconvenient as well!  And when you add the cost of leaving work to go to their photo studio, it can get very expensive!

We’re different, we bring the equipment and set up in your surroundings.  Photography is no longer inconvenient or expensive!

Our prices are very competitive, and when we can shoot multiple people in the same environment, we’ll really give you a great deal!

And as everyone knows, sometimes the day you scheduled to have your photo taken, you DID NOT LOOK YOUT BEST.

Because of that, we offer a full selection of retouching services.  It’s sorta like ‘digital make-up’.

Soooo . . . just for the record, EVERY ONE OF THESE PHOTOS has been retouched.  Some have either had the bags under their eyes removed and/or their teeth and eyes whitened.

Still others have even had their jaw-line re-shaped and/or skin blemishes removed.  We even re-shaped clothing and their hair!





Sometimes a company has us come and shoot a whole series of promotional photos at their office.  The photo of Mr. Zoeller holding his brand of vodka is one of over fifty poses that we shot for  upcoming print and web advertising campaigns for Fuzzy Vodka.

They were shot against a black background.  The green background that you see in this example, and even his shadow, is ‘fake’.  That shooting technique gives them the ability to substitute any background they need . . . whenever they need.





Please note:

All the photos you see on this page were shot in the client’s office, home, garage, lobby, and even a gym!

The backgrounds were added later with the computer.