Please Note: These are VERY LOW RESOLUTION sample images. The ‘originals’ are much CLEARER and more VIVID.

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Miscellaneous photos and a brief description of each:

This photo of a group of revolutionary war re-enactors was shot on a 90º+ day.  We planned this shoot weeks in advance and only had about a half hour ‘window’ during which the light would be correct for our chosen background and wouldn’t be blocked by tall trees.

Because their uniforms are so incredibly colorful, we decided to give this particular photo that classic-movie ‘Technicolor’ look.

The final photo was printed on 13 x 19 heavy stock and well received!

This photo presented its own set of challenges.

First of all, because it was to be shot outdoors and at their home, we needed the weather, and the position of the sun, to be ‘just right’.  The woman is very fair skinned, therefore, we had to have the sun at directly at her back, otherwise her skin would overexpose.

We scouted the location about two weeks in advance and ask her to note when the shadow from the post (that she is leaning on) hit a certain spot on the patio floor. 

That was EXACTLY at 3 PM.

Therefore, 3 PM (give or take 15 min) would be the PERFECT time to shoot her at that pose, with the camera in that position, such that we could get the lush greenery and brickwork in the background.

A week or so later, on a beautiful sunny day, we got this and many other great shots.

An Italian film company hired us to shoot ‘digital’ photography and video interview segments for a documentary they were producing.

The two women you see are the oldest twins to have been separated at birth and that were eventually reunited.  They were @ 60 at the time of the shoot and had been reunited around 10 years earlier.

The video interviews revealed that their life experiences were remarkably similar both ‘prior to’ and ‘after’ their reunion.

Our problem was that the house was somewhat small and filled with furniture.  Also, the twins were only slightly above 5 feet tall.

In fact, the sister in the background is sitting on cushions placed in the sofa, which was then raised about 8 inches off the floor.

After moving virtually all the furniture in the raised kitchen, and the lower living room area, we were able to create a ‘set’ that would look interesting on film.

We used three different lights to illuminate the woman in the foreground.  Also one for the large green plant, two for the sister in the background, one for the fireplace, and one for the objects reflecting in the mirror in the background (right).

Small items like the large plant in the background (left), the green coffee cup, and the background mirror, were also moved to balance the composition and lead the eye across the frame.

It was a lot of work, but the result was very ‘comfortable’ to watch.

This photo was pretty much a ‘standard’ shoot.

The man is a noted painter.  Most all of his paintings have a religious message.

We were producing a promotional DVD of his artwork and needed a background photo for one of the DVD’s menus.

We were ‘lucky’ that there was a church visible from his back yard.

We grabbed a folding chair, a couple of large reflectors, a ‘prop’ (the bible) and shot a variety of poses.

This is the one we ended up using.

You would think the production of this photo was basic . . . but it wasn’t.  We we hired to shoot a gathering of four related families.

The combination of the sun popping in and out of the clouds, and the white clothing, caused many problems getting the proper exposure.

The sisters both had light complexion, so getting the proper skin tones without overexposing was tricky.  Not to mention, the large basketball goal in the background (removed).

We used a large gold reflector to reduce the contrast and add some ‘color’ to their skin.  In the computer, we then corrected their white clothing to remove the ‘golden’ cast resulting from the reflector, and we also reduced the ‘blueish’ cast from the surrounding vegetation, caused by the cloudy sky.

That day, many people ‘squinted’ slightly in the bright sun light.  But the whole series of photos still came out nicely.