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When it was all finished, we edited the 10+ speakers into 20+ separate video presentations.  They averaged from three to five minutes long each.

Then, during the presentation at the seminar, the presenter would give an overview of that segment, and then play the edited video to ‘validate’ and ‘expand’ that segment.

We took what would have been an ‘easily forgettable’ PowerPoint style presentation, and turned it into a ‘standing ovation’, well received one. 

We later created DVDs that contained all the videos so they could distribute them to personnel that could not attend.

This short segment is from a series of videos we created for a large hospital that was participating in a day-long educational seminar with other hospitals.

Their presenter was allocated nearly two hours.  We came up with the idea of “Why don’t you take some of your other knowledgeable staff ‘with’ you?”

Over the course of two weeks, we had multiple videotaping sessions in the outdoor park behind the hospital.  We would stay out there for hours, as the various doctors, nurses, and administrators would come out when they were available so we could record them.

It was starting to get very dark when we shot this video.

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